Creating a Red Sunshine

Honeymoon 006Today, as I celebrate my first birthday without my sister, my heart has been challenged. So many different emotions have filled my life for what feels like the longest 3 months. I know that sadness, like most emotions comes to us all, but we can use these emotions to remain stuck or create movement.  Red would want me to move forward; although I will not be out hitting a two-step anywhere, because I’m just not quite ready for that type of movement, I want her to know her life moved me.  

To honor her memory, I will be creating an annual fund to help support individuals and their families handle the cost of cancer.  As part of the support system for my sister, I can tell you the costs of cancer is not only financial, but emotional and spiritual.  Therefore, the selection of those Radiant Sunshine supports will be based on all three areas.   

No, as of right now this is not foundation or charity, so I cannot write off the donation for you.  

However, I can promise that each dollar will be put towards the creation of a foundation or donation on behalf of my sister Renite Day-Jackson to support the emotional, spiritual or financial needs of individuals and/or their families dealing with the cost of cancer.  Also, because I believe so much in this form of support, I will be entering each person that donates over $100 dollars into Radiant Sunshine’s vacation giveaway.

For the conditions of giveaway visit

Remember, every penny matters and I’m not looking to move mountains, just to be a helping hand. Do what you can and if by chance that is nothing, pray for us and God will take it from there!  

Finally, I thought about writing something on our experience, but honestly I believe Renite’s words will have more meaning.  I share with you something the words of my beloved sister and friend, written from a hospital bed last November.

I was diagnosed 5 years ago with a rare form of cancer, that is recurring in short spans. I’ve had multiple surgeries and different chemotherapy treatments since this process has started and the cancer still returns. Everyday is different. Some days I’m happy, worry free, moving around without a care in the world. Other days I can’t get out the bed. Still I fight for my life everyday!

What I’ve learned during this process:

That I’ve lost and gained friends in this process.

I’ve made choices in my life I can’t take back; some of them include hurting some people. I have learned from each choice and only hope people accept my apologies for the hurt I may have caused.

I know I have a loving support system. Yet, I am no fool, I see it has taken its toll on them. How could it not? I want them to know I love them, even when I don’t have the words. They are here and fight with me.

With that said, the purpose of this release is to remind people of a few things:

Sometimes you have to let things go. You know the saying “don’t sweat the small things.”

Be kind! You never know what someone else is going through.

Live your life.

Laugh often.

And love always…


If you are interested in supporting  click on the picture below…

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