Prayer Is Not Enough

“…Jesus didn’t only pray. He healed people from various physical, emotional, and spiritual conditions; He taught multitudes and mentored the disciples; He fed people who were hungry and turned water into wine; and ultimately He voluntarily was beaten and crucified on behalf of all mankind. He even rose from the dead! Prayer was not enough.” Continue reading Prayer Is Not Enough

1st Annual Women Enrichment Retreat

Learn from Personal Development Coaches and Innovators from the RS Women Enrichment Community This is a VIP retreat focused on the wellness wheel utilized by the RS Counseling & Wellness Center. The retreat workshops are geared towards an intimate group focused on … Continue reading 1st Annual Women Enrichment Retreat

The Cost of Compassion

“…it is time to remove the garment of privilege, exchange it for the cloak of injustice, and then to tear and destroy that same cloak of injustice so that NO ONE will bear its burden again. It is time that you come bow, and break bread with us at the table of inequality and share in our feast of fear, so that together we can prepare a meal of peace, and of a sound mind.” Continue reading The Cost of Compassion