Giving Domestic Violence a Face

In the last few days of March 2001 you came to stay with me as we buried our favorite uncle; you brought your daughter and your man.  Your daughter was just as I imagined, precious and beautiful, a reflection of you.  This man you brought in to my home was “different”, he seemed to be a man of many requests (iron my shirt, get my drink or plate, etc…), but I thought nothing of it at the time.  We stayed up all night talking and reminiscing about our hectic past, I mean we talked about everything; the good and the … Continue reading Giving Domestic Violence a Face

Soapbox Wednesday: Does that make me less of a Woman

I was thinking the other day about decisions we make in our life.  Some of us live out our life on television allowing everyone in on their process toward a big decision.  I mean last summer most of the world watched as LeBron James played out his “Decision.”  Yet to me, decisions are personal.  We go back and forth weighing the pros and cons in our mind and then in most cases we decide.  This brings me to a decision that I believe women experience in some way or another, “Will I have children?” Yes believe it or not, it … Continue reading Soapbox Wednesday: Does that make me less of a Woman