5 Ways to Maintain Wellness



In times of distress and/or grief, whether due to the death of the ones we love, a relationship separation, loss of home, job loss or financial hardships, taking care of ourselves stops being a priority. When in truth these are the times we need to increase our self-care. Remember when we neglect our own self-care we neglect our wellness. As a woman, I know how it feels to be the caregivers of others and how easy it can be to forget that you require care as well. Don’t get me wrong, I am guilty of, at times, putting myself last on my to-do list of care.  However, it becomes really important to my health to maintain my wellness.

I am up by 6 am for what I call my “quiet-time” of prayer, and meditation on the word of God; this is something I give myself each day.  Then I start my day by getting plunged into work, where it can sometimes be difficult to leave the computer, put the phone down, or create time between clients to my daily walk or another brief workout. Most of the work I do with my clients, is addressing the importance of maintaining balance and wellness during times of distress and/or grief and loss. As a therapist it still surprises me, how few of my clients have a good understanding of the importance of self-care and its effect on their health and wellness. The reality is that we have to create ways to maintain and develop a balanced life.  Here are a few ways that I help myself and others restart, shape or maintain their wellness.

5 Ways to Maintain Wellness

  1. Prayer/Meditation– Each day incorporate some form of “quiet-time” for yourself.  Most have heard of the importance of mindfulness and internal peace. Well studies have shown that a few minutes a day can actually combat the ill effects of stress and anxiety. Meditation can be the simple act of closing your eyes and focusing on your breathing, or repeating an uplifting scripture or phrase. Find which works best for you and repeat daily.
  2. Exercise– Take a walk, take a jog, take a dance class or just move more. Remember, any type of exercise can contribute to keeping you healthy, emotionally and physically. It is proven that daily exercise will improve your mood and enhance your sleep. Get moving!
  3. The 3 Rs. Relax, Rest and Rehydrate– Take time to relax, rest and drink plenty of water each day.
  4. Healthy Food Lifestyle – Maintain or rebuild your immune system by selecting healthy foods. (Don’t worry I will be doing a blog on different healthy foods that boost your immune system).
  5. Support– We don’t have to do it all alone! Build your support circle, of other people who may also be struggling to fit in time for self-care. Encourage and support each other.

Which of the 5 Ways to Maintain Wellness are missing for you?

Find those areas that are missing and write down what you think is preventing you from including them into your life. Then set a plan to overcome those obstacles.

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