Tips: Unlocking The Light From Within

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Tips:  Avoid negative people; while learning to deal with difficult personalities!

It’s my birthday month so to celebrate; this months tip is a two for one.

Look the world is just not perfect.  Have you ever been around a person that makes you feel like nothing, I mean nothing is good.  Well in your social and personal life we need to avoid such people.  If not we are destined to be pulled down emotionally by such negative exposure.  You have a right to be happy.  Therefore, it is important to eliminate negative people from your life.  Now on the other hand; we do need to learn how to deal with difficult people.  Especially in places were we can’t avoid these negative personalities (like work).  My suggestion is smile, be kind and remember you don’t have to extend the relationship pass what is required.

Tip in Action

  • Manage the people in your life to have the joy you deserve.
  • Don’t spend too much of your time around negative people.
  • Remember, people are in your life by choice!


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