13 Things I’ve Learned In 2013



I’ve learned sometimes those you thought would be around forever just can’t be there.  I have to be okay with their new place in my life. This was a tough one for me, because when I love it’s forever, so the love has never changed, just my position in their life has changed.  I get that now.


I’ve learned that my happiness does not make everyone happy.  Weird, I thought happiness is what we want for each other.  I am the queen of celebrating other’s happiness, so I naturally thought my happiness would be returned with the same regard.  Not so.  But don’t cry for me; those who have been celebrating my happiness have made it more than worth keeping that happiness. .

So I’ve learned to be grateful for them. 


I’ve learned my dreams are allowed to change as I grow in my relationship with God.  I once looked at stability as success and I was really good at “stability” but man was I unhappy.  I no longer think success is wrapped up in that word.  I have to love what I do; I know that now and that is success, the rest will come.

Ace, thanks for supporting me through this transition.  


I’ve learned that God continues to keep me through some trying times.  I have never been so happy, yet so much is going on in the depth of my heart. It is during these trying times my relationship with God continues to grow. 

Simply put, it is God’s word that keeps me. 


 I’ve learned I needed to focus my energy on my service to others to develop a true understanding of my own need for support.  It sounds strange, but people in my life will understand this one.  I have some amazing people in my life. 

I thank you Tonya for giving me an ear and guidance, your support is valued.


 I’ve learned something new about the man I love every day. There was this piece of me that struggled to believe God could love me anymore then he already had, because my life had truly been covered by God and I was grateful for that much.  But limitless is God’s love for his children. 

I know this to be true because of Al-Lateef; I am more and more in love with you.


 I’ve learned I don’t need to comment on everything that outrages me.  Lord knows that would take up too much of my time. 

That is all I have to say about this one.


 I’ve learned my heart has grown so much that it even shocks me how deeply I feel things these days.  Sometimes I wish I could turn it off, but then I remember it is part of what makes me a good servant.

  I care.


I’ve learned that I have yet to meet all the people I will love.  This year alone I loved a new extension to my family, other people’s children, new and old family and friends and so many more.

 My heart has room because God’s love keeps showing me the space.


I‘ve learned that a girl should always have at least one friend that feels your hurt without words.  Sometimes you don’t even see the possibility of falling into that hurt.  Special love and thanks to Monika and Jennifer for catching me right on time.  I am so grateful this and every year for your friendships. Your love for me reminds me that I will be okay.

I truly hope you can feel how much I love you back.  


I‘ve learned that my husband will give me the support to be emotional, but then direct me to our Father.

For that alone I will always love you Ace.


 Now this one most will admit to knowing and believe me, I already knew it well for the last five years, but  I’ve learned more and more this year that Cancer sucks.  I can’t say it any other way to get out what I feel about this disease trying to steal my sister.  Cancer changes the quality of life for people you love without warning.  Cancer comes in a family and shows you what they are made of and believe me that is not always an easy pill to shallow.  Cancer will try to steal your faith, joy and hope… Cancer can try but in Christ I stand!

Cancer Still Sucks


Finally I’ve learned my sister is a fighter.  She has taught me how fragile the heart can be and at the same time how strong it has to be.

 We Fight on…

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4 thoughts on “13 Things I’ve Learned In 2013

  1. Absolutely phenomenal! Brought me too tears. Lessons I have learned and yet to learn! You rock!

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