RS Tips: Make your To-do lists a priority!

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Tip:  Make your To-do lists a priority!

Over the last year my to-do list has not been a real priority.  Can we say “goals not met.”  It’s real simple you want your day to start with a list of task and it will help to keep your day focused.  Most of the time, we are unproductive because we ventured out to the world with no idea what we want to truly complete for the day.    Focus, focus, focus is the way to get things done!

Tip in Action

  • Create and follow your list.  Consider creating the list the night before or first thing in the morning!
  • Make sure to balance your to do list by prioritizing and crossing off things as you complete them…it will help to keep the list from feeling overwhelming.
  • Remember Sticky Notes can be your friend!


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