17 Things I’ve Learned in 2017


Love yourself now. Over the last three years, I’ve gained more pounds than I’d like to admit. So on my journey back to my healthiest self, I have been a little hard on myself, at some points even a little obsessive. But in August, I relaxed and focused on celebrating the small victories. Since then the weight has been coming off and I can see the progress. Now I remind myself, I can feel good in the process of greatness. No need to only wait until the goal is achieved to celebrate.

What healthy risk are you willing to take for success? Get out of your self-imposed box. If you are failing at your life at this moment then what is stopping you from taking the risk? And please don’t say failure.

Although affirmations are just the beginning step to a change. Working with people has helped me realize it is one of the most important steps to success. If you don’t believe me, tell me your self-talk and I can show you your obstacles to success. The “I am” statements that come out of your mind is the life you live. What follows the “I am” statement will always catch you. So why not create new and positive statement?. Remember, every thought builds the house you live in.


People have a tendency to attempt to change, resist or change my energy to fit their views on happiness. I am a positive person with a lot of energy. Literally, I wake up with a plan to be Happy, Healthy and God-driven each day. So most times that means people try to test my reserve, in other words, see if I am “always this way.” Sorry folks, I’ve been through a heck of enough in life to know it is easier to give up during the difficult times, to become negative like so many others. However, I have big dreams that require I have a “no quit” attitude in good and bad times. So if you can’t handle my energy by all means step aside, I got things to do😁

Decide what you want and then work at it!

Most people don’t get what they want because they are not willing to work. Somehow people have convinced themselves things should come without work. This year, I’ve heard people complain about their jobs, level of education, marriage, friendships, and so much more. When offered a solution that required them to work, they usually make excuses, get emotional or simply say they are not willing to do anymore. I guess in some ways they are right, they have decided they are not willing to do the work. Sadly, I suspect that means they will get what they invest in life.


What you believe, you will manifest in your life. I beg you, PLEASE believe positive!!


I said this one a little earlier but feel I need to repeat it. What healthy risk are you willing to take for success? Get out of your self-imposed box. I would just add if you’re only surviving you’re not taking a big enough risk. Stretch yourself and I promise the lessons learned will elevate you if you let it.


I have heard several times this year in different ways, how someone is holding another person back. This form of thinking is so limiting because it makes those in our lives responsible for our failures or successes. But truth be told, no one is obligated in your adult life to giving you the ideal environment for you to grow. You have to fight for it, create it for yourself and decide you have the right to a great life.


I am always amazed at the individuals happy to be the “Jack of all trades, but the master of none.” Learn your capacity and then access experts when you exceed that capacity. Trying to do everything yourself will keep you stuck or help you fail. You don’t have to do this thing called life alone.


Failure can be a success. It’s an opportunity to learn what not to do. Remember life is all about perspective. Want to know how to succeed, try using your failures for good.


Be okay with sucking at something. The lessons on this level of knowledge will help move you towards your next level. Remember if you stop learning, then you stop growing.


Empathizing with you opponents can help you handle them and not build anger in your heart. This last year has brought out the worst in many Americans. So many opposing thoughts have left us so closedminded in most arenas that it’s sad to watch. I am not saying you have to agree with injustice, intolerance or any other thought rooted in ignorance. However, if you ever expect to resolve any of these things understanding is required to move towards solutions. Or, are we just in this for the fight?


Change your strategies if you decide you don’t like your current status. If you don’t like your current state of being, change it. Seems simple but watching people run in a circle is sad. Break the cycle, try something different. That’s where that expert I spoke of earlier can come in handy.


Consider balancing your intake of negative with positive (News, social media, work, friends, etc). You can be aware of what is wrong and not let it bring your heart to levels of sadness that you can’t help change what is wrong. I am just going to sit this one here and let it marinate in your spirit.


Love like this is it. Simply because this could be. And I don’t know about everyone else but I want LOVE to be my true legacy.


 Your “it” is possible. Look at where you are. Don’t rush the process, each level and stage is showing you the possibilities. Enjoy them because time doesn’t go backwards. You want lasting results, not just instant results.

I don’t claim to have it all figured out, but each year has been full of obstacles, pains and deep sadness. However, on the other side of those negatives, is a good life. I have a God that offers me a do-over every day. I have an awesome other whole who I adore and he adores me. I have a mother that has blossomed into her own version of happy, that thought brings me levels of joy that can’t be placed in words. I have a group of in-laws that treat me with such love. I have friends that share their hearts with me and allow me to do the same. And my list can go on and on. I’ve learned gratitude comes from your highest level of connection to your inner self and the peace in your soul. Be grateful!


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