Asking Sunshine: Why I love what I do

edit11Why I love what I do….

Recently I was asked what keeps me in my profession and why I love what I do?  A question that I enjoy answering because it allows me to encourage others to do what they love.  You see, I have been a therapist for years and in my role, I have worked to empower women and help them find their true, internal strengthen and authentic selves. During this process, I have the honor of establishing a healthy and caring environment in which I carefully take them back through their lives.  While exploring their lives we look to identify where the negative self-talk and messages began and how they are currently robbing them of their healthiest identity. Hopefully on this trip back in time, they start to see the truth; what happened to them was not their fault. Their experience was a product of other sources, other agendas; other deep unconscious or conscious needs.

In exploring the past, I am able to explain to them how those messages are playing out in their current life. These moments of emotional insight stick with my clients and lead to what Oraph calls the “AH-HA” moment, which allows the real truth in. It is these realizations that create a level of freedom from their past, thus enabling them to heal and move forward.

What takes place on this journey? Well many of the new skills, I help clients to develop, can stop the further destruction of their authentic identity. This process of change revolves around forgiveness, compassion, patience and perspective. I know this journey works because all four of these areas have been my own private journey of healing and wellness. The truth is I understand my clients on a profound level, because of my own journey. I have clients that have emotional deficiency, as I call it. Simply meaning they have been robbed of true bonding and opportunities to love, they grew up isolated and fearful, sometimes masking it in self-neglect, negative habits or risky behaviors. Living lives with a lack of joy, insecurity, and ultimately unable to defend themselves appropriately against the “monsters in their head” or the negative self-talk.

So you ask me why I love my job? It is simple, through the work with my clients I get to witness their healing. This only validates my belief in spiritual and emotional wellness. It is their growth and movement forward which proves to me that all life has a purpose and when given the opportunity we all can shine.



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