3 Es of Wellness: “Wellness in Faith with Sherry Wherry”

Starting Monday, February 1, 2016 at 7pm, RSCWC will be presenting on it’s blogtalkradio station a new show dedicated to the importance of spiritual wellness.  Needless to say, I am extremely excited to offer our audience the opportunity to experience, “Wellness in Faith with Sherry Wherry.” Along with the weekly show, Sherry will also become a contributor to our blog.


Sherry C. Wherry is the founder, and Chief Executive Inspirator of Wherry Consultations. Sherry was born in Tacoma, WA and spent a portion of her childhood there. She later moved to Cleveland, OH and was involved in various educational and faith groups for youth. In 2005, Sherry graduated from Kenyon College with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, and a Concentration in African and African American Studies. Sherry possesses over ten years of experience in Social Services and currently serves as a licensed Minister in her local church. She is passionate about helping those in need, and seeks to be an agent of healing to those who are hurting.



3 Es: Empowerment, Enrichment, & Education

From the Desk of Sherry Wherry:

  1. Describe empowerment and how you stay empowered?

For me, empowerment is walking in your God-ordained authority. It is knowing who you are, and recognizing that you are more powerful than anything that will try to keep you from living in your divine right as an heir in God’s kingdom. I stay empowered daily by being reminded of what God says about who I am. My daily empowerment activities may include reading my bible, praying, attending church, listening to gospel music, and also listening to and reading messages from various Christian leaders.

 2. Describe enrichment and an area you feel has been enriched in your life?

I believe enrichment is an experience of more. When something enriches your life you are better, you have more strength, and are more satisfied as a result. The first thing that comes to mind when I think of how my life has been enriched, is God. My life has not been, and isn’t perfect, but it is so much more fulfilling because of my relationship with God. God has, and continues to strengthen my weak places; He gives me peace when I submit my chaos to him; He has transformed my shame into this beautiful masterpiece that is still a work in process. Every aspect of who I am is more fulfilling because of Him.

 3.  How would you complete the following phrase “I Love Education because…?”

I love education because I love knowing more! When I learn, I am better equipped to navigate various situations in my personal life, am able to more effectively interact with the world around me. Learning also puts me in the position to offer assistance that is beneficial and substantive.

RS Counseling and Wellness Center is all about empowerment, enrichment & education of the individual to improve their lives. The therapist, trainers and other contributors will answer 3 Wellness questions keeping with this theme. The goal is to help inspire and motivate everyone to enjoy the 3 Es of Empowerment, Enrichment & Education.


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