Daily Wellness: 3 Quick Self-Care Tips

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Daily Wellness: 3 Quick Self-Care Tips

My to-do list has me busy and exhausted, so much so that the spring or summer, just seemed to have passed me by.  I’m not kidding we all know too well the stress of juggling career, relationships, errands and everything else that makes your days endless. Most busy women can relate right? That’s why it’s extremely important to take care of your whole self on a daily basis, otherwise, you run the risk depletion and life full of stress.

Although it’s difficult to schedule ‘quiet-time’ when so much of our lives revolve around others. We have to remember making self-care a daily habit not only improve stress levels, but it also contributes to overall wellness. As we discussed in 5 Ways to Maintain Wellness, exercise, healthy food and plenty of sleep are the foundation of health and wellness. There was many ways to do small things to take care of yourself daily.  Here is my top 3 go to list for daily self-care:

Take a Walk: This one is one of my favorites. Not only is walking good for you physically, walking can also improve your mood and get you back to a place of peace, quickly.  I also hear that regular walking can improve your sex drive, increase your health when dealing with breast cancer, diabetes, and pain control. So a quick twenty minute walk, 3-5 times a week can make the biggest difference.

Say No: There are some major benefits to saying the word “no.” The concept of being overextended, exhausted and pulled in multiple direction has a lot to do with not knowing when or how to say “no.” This 2-letter word can allow you adequate time to focus on the things that matter most in your life. It can help you gain real control over your schedule.  Allowing you to say “yes” to what can really bring you happiness and balance.  Think of it this was saying “no,’ helps establish realistic boundaries which is the key to preserving a healthy balance in relationship and life. Learning the value of saying “no” will increase your quality of life.

Be Grateful:  It is shown that people that show gratitude are least likely to experience sadness and have a much easier time handling lives ups and downs. Being grateful makes us more mindful of the positive things in our life and more appreciative. Take a minute every day to focus on the positive things in life and give thanks!


Now that you know some my secrets to daily self-care, you can borrow them all.  You will be surprised how making yourself a priority changes your outlook in no time!


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