10 Reasons for 10 years

Leading up to our 10th anniversary last week, I wrote these for my other whole and partner in love, Love you Al-Lateef!

Over the past 10 years we have experienced chronic illnesses, death, loses, yet we also created a family without one birth but a million babies and now even grand babies and with each moment it has been one constant that holds us together, God. God has allowed me to love and be loved by this wonderful partner on my life journey and for reason 1 of 10 reasons we made it to 10 years, I start with our foundation and source of love, God!

2 of 10 reasons we made it to 10 years. Okay, so without fully getting into details because I will save that for you as the writer in the family; I however will say year two started with a celebration that kind of felt like a wedding 😉. But that is far from reason two, it is what you did to show love in a moment of uncertainty. Knowing you are going to lose someone is far different than the grief of losing them. At the height of my then career, purchased home and things sorta going as I planned. Life shifted and your love stepped up and said none of that matters, have faith let it all go and be present in love. That allowance for my vulnerabilities, worry and at the time, hopelessness, reminded me, I am not alone. I am thankful to God you saw, carried and deeply loved me enough to be unstable as I focused on loving my sister the last years of her life… @wrldacrdng2teef I had a million pictures to choose from with the three of us, but this felt unplanned and showed how you shared me so easily with her…thanks for the pic @nickelcity_flex.

3 of 10 reasons we made it to 10 years.

“Baby slow down, take your time

You and me goin’ be here for a while

Okay, hey

I got so much that I want to do

I can show you better than I can say”

First lyrics you sang in my ear the first night we met all those years ago. Fast forward to all these years later and I know those lyrics as the truth. I am only allowed ten photos on Instagram at time but if I posted all the music, we experienced together over the years they would close my account thinking it was spammed. Music was my saving source as a child. I could lose hours just listening to my mother’s records or mix tapes I created off the radio. I have dated people who liked music but to find someone that can be present with while I am lost in soul music seemed impossible. But with us I now know the possibilities are endless. Thank you for not just sharing my love but already having it as your own

@wrldacrdng2teef I tried to find the video of me singing My time along with @kindredthewife and @kindredthefam as you were about to propose but no luck🤷🏾‍♀️ hope this one will do #stickingwithyou😍🌞

4 of 10 reasons we made it to 10 years. Because so much loss in such a short time creates a bond that I cannot put into words…so I am not going to try you get it Ace😘 Love you

5 of 10 reasons we made it to 10 years.

Okay, this one is kind of two but all falls under love.
I can talk. People who know me understand my silence is not a good thing. I am that person who will communicate my excitement, disappointment, hurt, pain, and love. This is why you never have to question where you stand with me; my words and actions have always matched my heart. But year five I scared you deeply, my grief had me without words and my actions were just routines of survival. You allowed me to be and be some more, until you understood it wasn’t serving me to keep at it that way. I thank you, mostly for your patience, friendship, and empathy. Wait, there are a few moments that deserve honorable mentions in year five, sending me to women’s conference to help keep my beliefs in my heart even as I hurt, texting my circle to say “she needs you;” when I couldn’t find the words, lastly, for your pushing me pass Radiant Sunshine to the now RS Counseling & Wellness Center, all were priceless.

6 of 10 of how we made it to 10 years
I love my friends. I mean, no I really love many of them like family now. So, when you signed up for me it meant I came with some pretty unique, amazing, charismatic, funny and loving people. The way you know our check-ins and will ask about them each with love matters to me. From me into the evening conversations, the many pre COVID dinners, lunches and my random weekend girls’ trips, my college friends’ trips, but you get it because you come with some pretty awesome friends yourself. The way you care about them was one of the reasons I knew we would work.
It is our life’s journey but so glad we never have to do it alone. Oh, I must add that you have stolen many of my friends, but I am guilty of doing the same to yours… couldn’t get pictures all our friends but here are a few

7 of 10 reason we made it to 10 years.
The original post for 7 was going to be one thing but once I realized the reason, I am posting so late today was to finish up something for one of our babies, I realized the day’s reason needed to change. I have been very clear since 15-year-old, I was not interested in having children. Fast forward to 2020 and the pandemic has me missing the days of making banana pudding, mac and cheese, greens, waffle for the ladies only nights or whatever random meal requests I am honored to supply for all my babies. Glady looking at pictures and watching videos of my baby’s baby. You see, before you, my work was where I dedicated my time with young people but now with you, I am proud to get texts, DM, phone calls, social distance pickups and visits…who knew I would love having so many babies calling me Mom. I ❤ you for bringing me each one of them.

8 of 10 reasons we made it to 10 years

A few weeks back my friends and I were talking about a petty reason we may have broken up with someone. I realized some may think it was pretty petty to break up with someone for constantly talking and texting during basketball games 🏀 I guess it could be said it was a little petty, but I like to think of it more like a “I can’t live with this nonsense” kind of a moment.
That petty break up made room for what’s true. So, when our first weekend date included a basketball game, I should have known that you were the one! Although the pandemic has stopped us from completing the last two arenas before our 10-year anniversary; I am so grateful that I didn’t need to explain my love for this game instead I get to share it.

Too many pictures to get them all🤷🏾‍♀️

9 of 10 reasons we made it to 10 years

My love was enough…but when you took on showing love to my family you were the real Ace. From being a major part of Team Red, 12 hour drives at last minute because I missed my family, enduring pain to get sticky wings and trek New York, I am sure a few of my cousins forgot we were blood and now claim you first. That makes me happy. Did I mention that being a bonus daughter to both of your parents has only sweetened the deal. I was happy just having your love. I love all the love that came with you 💕

10 of 10 reasons we made it to 10 years

“If this were a play, you’ll be my leading man
The words you recite would touch my soul”

When I think about the last 10 years and all the reasons, we continue to make it through so well. I think about the song we first danced to in front of our friends and family. I know that it is because of our friendship, connection, commitment, and partnership that we still stand strong. I can list a million examples of them each but the gratefulness I have for you as my partner on this life journey goes beyond words. I pray that these foundational years only continue to strengthen over time. I love you! Happy Anniversary Ace! ❤


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