Sunshine’s Have Nots: #3 Personalities to Stay Clear

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After I wrote the “3 people worth having around,”  I started thinking about the type of people I steer clear of to maintain my happiness.  The list could get lengthy but I got it down to three personalities that tend to turn me off, for one reason or another.

1. The “No Self-Esteemer.” Now we all have ups and downs when it comes to confidence.  This person is different they literally have no self-esteem.  This personality trait spells drama with a captial D.   I’m going to let you into a secret;  I am not saying they intend to be unhealthy but they usually have a spirit driven by self-preservation.  Which means they will do damn near anything to fulfill their constant feeling of inadequacy.  This can create a lot of problems with how they form relationships.  So no matter how much you try you can never really help them feel like “enough.” So there will never be enough love, friendship or never enough to make them feel safe in the relationship.  Sounds exhausting; that’s because it is just that, exhausting.

2.  The “Emotionless.” Being around people that are constantly stand offish and closed to there emotion is not healthy.  You may not recognize this person at first because they may just come off as “logical.”  However, this person is more than just a person that works on logic; they are emotionally empty.  They have a hard time feeling, or showing feels and in some cases can actually put down those that express their feelings.  They may not know it but they are miserable or at least making those around them miserable. So steer clear or you will be spending more time translating your emotions then they will ever truly understand.

3. The Disciplineless.  So now that we see the need to steer clear of those with no self-esteem, and emotionless; why would discipline matter?  Well think of it this way a person with no discipline falls short of success in life.  Quite often this person struggles to stay the course; this includes relationships, personal and business.  Part of being successful in any relationship requires patience and the discipline to complete what you start.  Believe it or now all relationships no matter the type have their own goal and this person will struggle to stick to their end of the bargain.

Remember this is not to say that I don’t deal with these different personalities at some points.  Like you, I cannot help who is around me all the time.  However, when it comes to friendships or those I spend a lot of time around; these personalities are a no no.

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