Sunshine’s Must Haves: #3 People Worth Having Around

3 Must Have Friendships
3 Must Have Friendships

As a person who loves working with people; I sometimes need to refresh my energy level with the company I keep. I simply have to remember to stay surrounded by those who help keep me lifted up.

Here are 3 people worth having in your life.

1. The Motivator.  I love this personality in a person.  You know them, they are the people that help you believe you are capable of doing anything.  This person is usually a pleasure to be around and can easily identify a list of good things about you in a matter of seconds.  Think about it; this person is a must have if you truly want to be supported on new transitions in your life.  The motivator will get you pumped up, and ready to rock and roll toward any goal.

2.  The Joker.  Sometimes you just need a good laugh.  Life has a way of knocking us down.  It will take a great sense of humor to see the lite side of a heavy load.  This person makes it easier to bare because they know how to keep a smile on your face and/or roll with the punches.  The joker can be just what you need to get through the hard times or just have a good laugh.

3.  The Common Senser.  After you are motivated, had a good laugh now it’s time to think sensible.  This person has mattered the art of social intelligence.  Truth is after being emotionally drained or just exhausted from your life; you need that person that will just make it plain.  Your not looking for a conversation to explain quantum physics but a person that can help you make sense of things.  They will help you get things in perspective and be ready for the world.

I’m not saying that everything will automatically be “better” in your life by having these people in it.   However, I am saying that it pays to be around people with these positive traits…

Quality time with my best friend
Quality time with my best friend


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