I’m married to my best friend: How life really plays out?

“I’m married to my best friend”

BraceletsWhen Ace and I first met it seemed like we just couldn’t find the time to actually go out on a date.  We would plan a date, something would come up and we somehow would be rescheduling again.  I chalked it up to timing and continued with dating other people.  Yet, strangely enough, we would talk on the phone or email each other all the time; in no time we became good friends.  Looking back, I realize that was exactly what we needed to truly get to know each other and not complicate it with physical distractions.  We became friends and in our friendship we found similarities that will last a lifetime.

 “The Foundation”

What is the foundation of our relationship? The real answer is God, love and friendship.  Ace and I do not claim to have it all figured out and recognize that in life there are always going to be obstacles.  But together we can get through anything.  We both believe that God is the head of our life, that love can conquer any obstacle and that a healthy friendship will always give us a place to return in the dark hours.

       “It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages.”
― Friedrich Nietzsche

How life really plays out?

December 2012association account_0014

The end of the year marks a time for family, friends and celebrating the things that make us grateful.  I really enjoy the holiday season; not so much to celebrate one particular holiday but what this time of year brings out in people.  It’s a season of joy, reflection and gratitude that normally people don’t so openly express throughout the year.  This is one reason that my husband and I chose this time of year to say our nuptials.  We were married on Christmas Eve, giving us the ultimate reason to say “Tis the Season.”

This December I started my month with a girl’s weekend in Atlanta, Georgia.  This trip allowed me the opportunity to see my family in Atlanta and still enjoy time out with the ladies.  It’s always great to balance your time with not only your husband, but your family and friends as well.  It was a heck of a trip; I had a 25 hour day with my mother, sisterfriend and cousin.  Then I spent the next two days celebrating a friend’s birthday (going to see Kevin Hart and eating way too much).  But that set the tone for the month of December.  Upon my immediate and I do mean immediate return from Atlanta, my husband picked me up from the airport and drove 3 hours to the DC area for me to experience my first official NFL game. The fact that I had jetlag and could afford some real rest meant nothing to me because when it comes to my Giants; “I’m all in.” gmen 2012

After a fun filled start to the month; it felt hard to top; but we had an anniversary to celebrate. Celebrate we did; for this anniversary we spent the week between Las Vegas and Los Angeles. On December 22nd we arrived in Las Vegas where we stayed at the Mandalay Bay. We hit the streets of Vegas the next morning where I set my first sports bet; picking the NY Giants to win. Obviously that bet didn’t go so well, but it made for an exciting post game conversation.  The 24th was our actual anniversary we spent the day reflecting on the past few years and put on the nice clothes for dinner at Emeril’s Orleans restaurant.

PictureIDList=null_undefinedChristmas morning we were good and tired but found ourselves on an airplane from Las Vegas to Los Angeles (LA).  Upon arrival to LA we set off to our version of Christmas plans (NY Knicks vs LA Lakers at the Staples Center).  I’m a Knicks fan and Ace is a Lakers fan so we both had a stake in the winner of the game.  The game turned out to be a highlight to our trip and even though my team lost we had a great time.  Plus this quick trip to LA marked the fifth arena of our tour of the NBA cities.  The last two days of our trip were back in Las Vegas; where we lost a little money, won a little back and the rest of our story will stay in Vegas…

Wait did you think December ended there?

Well you’re wrong; after a last minute text from one of our favorite friends we were off to see the Giants vs. Eagles at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ.

Now that was a full month…too bad the next few months are filled with the reality of work.  But if we want to play hard we have to work just as hard… Man I love my bestfriend.

Happy New Year!!

las vegas


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