I’m married to my best friend: How life really plays out?

“I’m married to my best friend” The chill from the wind made this Saturday, October night seem different than any before.  I watched as children dressed in costumes dominated my neighborhood with their hopes for filling bags with treats.  I was wearing a simple pair of dark jeans, stone wash jean jacket (yes I said stone wash) over my favorite yellow, red, black and green tee-shirt.  Far from over dressed, I had two simple plans; go to the Black Star concert and get home safely.  Both plans I achieved without a hitch.  It is what that took place between those … Continue reading I’m married to my best friend: How life really plays out?

Happy Birthday Ace!!!

Happy Birthday to my best friend and love of my life… Ace, last year when I asked “what you wanted for your birthday”…you only said to spend it with me.  I couldn’t understand because you just spent the week before showering me with gifts for my birthday.  Now to me at that moment in time, it seemed unbelievable that a gift was as simple as being “present.”  But from this and every year to follow for my birthday the only gift I will need is to spend it with you….Love you! Continue reading Happy Birthday Ace!!!

To My Husband to Be…. “When you find me”

I love how God works just when you least expect it, he shows up and in this case he showed off…  I had almost conceded that this was not my season for love outside of God, family and friends.  Then God went and inserted “Al-Lateef Farmer” here; with “here” being my heart.   So here goes…Long before the October night; when you gave up your spot so I could see Mos and Talib hit the stage.  Long before the November evening; where Stevie Wonder played in the background as we sat in the car and talked well into the night.  Long before the January afternoon; I came to pray for … Continue reading To My Husband to Be…. “When you find me”