Asking Sunshine: Attracted to My Husband’s Best Friend

Asking Sunshine I’m a 32-year-old married woman. I love my husband of 6 years, but recently I found myself attracted to my husband’s best friend. We all went to college together and for a brief time I dated him prior to even meeting my husband. We didn’t work and never had sex, but we’ve continued as good friends; he even introduced me to my now husband.  My husband teases us saying things like, “You guys have more in common”, or to him “Still mad I married your woman?” We laugh it off, but now I’m starting to wonder “what if”? … Continue reading Asking Sunshine: Attracted to My Husband’s Best Friend

Happy Birthday Ace!!!

Happy Birthday to my best friend and love of my life… Ace, last year when I asked “what you wanted for your birthday”…you only said to spend it with me.  I couldn’t understand because you just spent the week before showering me with gifts for my birthday.  Now to me at that moment in time, it seemed unbelievable that a gift was as simple as being “present.”  But from this and every year to follow for my birthday the only gift I will need is to spend it with you….Love you! Continue reading Happy Birthday Ace!!!