Empowerment, Enrichment & Education


RS Counseling and Wellness Center is all about empowerment, enrichment & education of the individual to improve their lives. The therapist, trainers and other contributors will answer 3 Wellness questions keeping with this theme. The goal is to help inspire and motivate everyone to enjoy the 3 Es of Empowerment, Enrichment & Education. 


From the desk of Sharea Farmer, LCSW 

Describe empowerment and how you stay empowered?

Empowerment is about giving yourself the permission and authority to live a healthy, fulfilled and balanced life.  I stay empowered daily by doing self-inventory of my mind, body and soul needs and then making sure I meet those needs through self-care.

Describe enrichment and an area you feel has been enriched in your life?

For me enrichment can be described in one word, growth.  As I have grown stronger in my faith and beliefs, I appreciate that I have a clear vision of what I am purposed to do in this life and that I have been blessed with the skills set to make it happen.

How would you complete the following phrase “I Love Education because…?”
I am always amazed at how much I still have to learn. The reality is that learning and growing is a continuous process. Without education it seems to me life would be stuck on repeat…



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