The Best Things in Life!

The Best Things in Life Are Free

When we want to live a healthy life we cannot comprise for a less than ordinary relationship, a less than ordinary career, or less than ordinary experience, because we have to remember we are all more than ordinary. At the same time, we have to realize that we are not here to change anyone, to make people fit into our idea dream life; the only person we can change, is ourselves.

In living a healthy life, we realize that we are here to decide how to have more awareness; knowing that each person we allow to hold value in our life is a choice. When this is realized we are freed from settling for anything less in our lives because we are aware that we deserve the best.

Okay, so you are aware that you deserve the best, you can’t settle for anything less.  When this happens you will find yourself gravitating to more good in life.  You no longer settle for people in your life because you don’t want to be lonely, or settle for a job just because you are afraid to be broke.  You realize that living healthy means you are here to live as your authentic self.  You become aware that it is not just about money and possessions; it is about how you feel in each and every moment about yourself and your relationships.  These are the moments that fill you with joy and love, giving you the life you once dreamt.

Things to Remember:

  • You may have to make different choices to have the life you desire.
  • Remember you are not born to settle!!!

Some Of My Best Things !!



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Niece & NephewMy Mother & SiblingsFamilynephew12049334_1191126774236857_7482187192368131218_n


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