RS Tips: In a world full of imaginary hater…stop being a hater!

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Tip: In a world full of imaginary hater…stop being a hater!

I am always amazed at how many people talk about “haters” and how much energy they invest in sharing to the world how they handle them.  Well here is a real challenge for you.  Stop hating back!  If you ever compete in something, you may fine haters.  Such is life.   It’s easy to hate the people who hate us. It’s much more challenging not to hate back. Being able to forgive, let go and show love to these people requires having an open mind and heart.

Tip in Action

  • Determine if there is anyone who dislikes or hates you in your life?
  • Reach out to the people who hate you. Seek a resolution and get closure on past concerns. Even if they refuse to respond, there is peace in the closure.

Remember it’s much more liberating to love than to hate!


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