RS Tips: Know What You Believe!

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Tip: Know What You Believe!

As Woman’s History Month starts, I know that it is important for me to represent the women that have paved the way for today’s liberal woman.  But I could also tell you that last month was as equally as important to me because it was Black History Month.  Want to be happy? Then you have to define your beliefs.  I mean really know your beliefs about God, love, sex and relationships.  They all make up you and if they are negative and you are unaware of this, it is affecting your mentality and like it or not, it is showing up in your decisions.

Tip in Action:

  • What do you believe and why do you believe it? (make a list or journal on the different areas)
  • Be open to questioning what you believe.  How else will you know if something is true; at least true for you?
  • Define how these beliefs are showing up in your life? Are you happy with them? If not, can you change?





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