RS Tips: Don’t let FEAR lead your life.

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Tip:  Don’t let FEAR lead your life.

We know that fear is a natural emotion.  Remember, it’s how we let that fear stop or cripple us that becomes the true problem.  A healthy way to look at fear is to determine if it motivates or stops you from doing things.  When we see that a fear causes us to make changes (like the person who realizes they have a history of diabetes in their family and decides to learn to live a healthy lifestyle), this means fear is motivating!  When you see fear playing out as increased drama .for ourselves and within our relationships, this means it is stopping you!

Tip in Action:

  • Do what I call a reality test of your fears. For example, determine the consequences of letting your fear stop or motivate you.
  • Enlist others on your reality test.  This will help you make sure the list is full of the good and bad.
  • Take a RISK!

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