Proud to be a Social Worker!!!!

Professionally I have had a million different titles; supportive this, counselor or  therapist of that, supervisor of so and so, facilitator or instructor of this or that group and the list goes on.  However, no professional title has been more important to me then the title Social Worker.  That’s right, no matter what people title me, I Am a Social Worker!  And that is enough to be proud of, if done with love.

Every now and then something or someone reminds me of why I am so proud to be a Social Worker.  Today I had plenty of reasons, but none stood out more than working with my close friend, Deserie Dowe-Thomas on foundational work for her business.  Reliable Resources, LLC will be geared toward assisting individuals with disabilities acquire their goal of independence.  The passion Deserie possesses for this population and service lies in her personal experience; she is the mother of an Autistic son. She encompasses the definition of a service provider, not only does she have the personal experience and education, she has worked with people with different disabilities for over 10 years.  With this level of commitment and compassion I am happy to share the title with her as a service provider and ultimately as a Social Worker…..

If you are in the South Jersey area and need community or respite services for individuals with developmental disabilities please contact Deserie Dowe-Thomas at Reliable Resources;


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