Be Healthy Tuesday: Let’s Do Lunch!

Here’s a take on lunch that makes it so much better and leaves your body feeling energized. Health experts say that lunch should be our biggest meal of the day. In America, we often make that larger meal dinner. A full lunch allows time to burn off calories and use more energy before settling in for an evening. Salads, smoothies, and wraps can be a filling option.

If you’re thinking of how tired of salads or how they can get a bit boring with the same lettuce and leafy blend. It may be time for a change. It’s good thing to spice it up sometimes. Try adding fresh fruit and other vegetables as well as seeds and nuts. I created the salad above in the image of a salad from a popular restaurant. I made a promise to myself to eat in and make more meals at home. It’s a romaine, leafy blend with fresh strawberries, pineapples and blueberries. Opt for fresh whenever possible and frozen when fresh isn’t an option. Stay away from canned fruits as they often contain loads of sugar.

Also, try lighter meats such as baked fish and ground turkey. Wraps can also be made vegan with soy crumbles and almond cheese. Small changes can make a big difference in how you feel, how your body looks and your overall health.

Please share any ideas you have in the comment section of this blog. Also, please share this and “Like” us on Facebook at RS Counseling and Wellness.


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