Don’t Settle. Be Extraordinary.

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Don’t Settle. Be Extraordinary.

As we all know there are times when we don’t always get exactly what it is we desire and we find ourselves settling for an alternative.  Alternatives are fine, when it comes to a different dress because they don’t have it in the color or size you wanted, or we decide on a different car because you are being more budget conscious. However, settling for certain conditions and people in your life that do not add value, is not OK.

You are not here to settle for the average or below average experiences in life.  Nor are you here to settle for a relationships that bring hurt, anger and tears.  Jobs or careers that make you miserable; family and friends that mistreat or abuse you.  For those things, you are not here to settle.

An amazing life is not the big houses, fast cars, trips or a large saving account. Those are things that add to our experience, but they do not equate to an amazing life.  What makes your life amazing is living the fullness of each experience in joy.  It is living in the moment, and living a valuable, purposeful life where you are complete. Remember you are here to have a plentiful experience, which is about more than just money and possessions.  It is about a process and being aware of your strengthen and tapping into your light from within you, which in turn materializes into a life full of joy.

Things to Remember:

  • Do a self-inventory to determine what areas in your life are less than you would like.
  • Create a goal around changing those areas
  • Remember to prioritize the goals; in order to keep the change manageable.


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