30 Day Happiness Challenge: Day 4

happinesschallenge   Day 4:   Perform a random act of kindness.

Yesterday I selected from someone that I have affection for and made the time to tell them “I love you.”  On day 4 of the happiness challenge; I wanted to do something kind for someone I did not have a relationship with.  I will pay for a person’s lunch.  It feels good to know that someone will get a treat and not know where it came from.  Feels good to see someone smile.

Happiness in Action

  • As I stated on day 3; remember making people happy within the right boundaries can and will make you happy.
  • I realized that paying for someone lunch is a cost but if money is a concern do something free. (open a door, help someone with carrying their groceries, ask someone how their day is going and really care, etc.)
  • Random acts of kindness can be big or small!

3 thoughts on “30 Day Happiness Challenge: Day 4

  1. Thank you for your kind comment. I sure do a lot of resting, but that’s what my body needs. However, I did get out today and went to visit a friend. I was able to lounge on her couch and she’s sick, too, and she lounged on the other couch and we just chatted the day away. Today was a good day. I hope yours was as well.:)

  2. I’m in bed sick so I won’t be able to get out and pay for someone’s lunch, but I can do a random act of kindness, such as asking someone how their day went and really engage in the conversation. I already have this special person all picked out.:)

    1. Feel better and take the rest your body needs to get better!
      Also sounds like a wonderful act of kindness to invest in making someone else feeling heard and cared for…
      Get well soon!

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