RS Tips: Set boundaries that allow you to keep growing!

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Tip:  Set boundaries that allow you to keep growing!

Most of my work as a therapist; has been with people wanting to learn to love themselves and/or improve self-esteem.  One of the things, I found is those working on these areas, struggle with boundaries.  They either have little or no boundaries in place.  They find themselves experiencing conflict left and right with people they love; specifically around their own personal growth.  The reality is people don’t always jump aboard other’s personal growth train.  Honestly, this growth can take some getting use to by even those who genuinely love you.  Remember, if your personal growth makes your loved ones feel threatened; then maybe it is time to do an evaluation of the relationship.  You have a right to set boundaries!

  • Introduce your new boundaries and give people the space to adjust to them.
  • Don’t expect all your relationships to stay the same as you grow!
  • Keep growing and loving yourself!


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