Recently, I’ve been thinking about the words “independent” and “married” and how people grow attached to the titles. As you know I’ve traded the “single” title, for “married”, yet people seem to believe that my independence was lost in the exchange.

Let me start by saying I hold both titles in high esteem, because each provide a different set of lessons and experiences.  So the question is does this new “married” title make me less independent?  It appears that way to some. I have noticed through conversations with married people and/or the strange way single people now choose to interact with me because of a new title.  I felt it was time to set the record straight or at least shed some light on the subject from my point of view.

  • Independent – not subject to control by others; self-governing
  • Married – created from components of two authentic pieces

I have never been controlled by the man I choose to share my life with nor am I governed by him.  We are in a partnership.  A partnership in my eyes requires two equally unique individuals to maintain their sense of self; in order to create and maintain a happy union.

Contrary to a trending belief, marriage is not intended to cripple or destroy one’s independence; in fact, it should strengthen both parties and project from each independently and jointly.

So I am no less or more independent because of some social construct of a title I choose to accept.  I am still the same woman that loves, thinks, and cares for the people that she shares the world with.  You see I am independent and married…


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