RS Tips: Balance the child within!

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Tip: Balance the child within!

I’ve heard people say “never let your inner child die.”  I guess that is true in a lot of ways, the freedom of being a child allows you to enjoy life.  However, what I have learned in working with people all of these years, is some areas of your inner child needs to grow up.  So let me just give it to you straight, if you continue to approach emotional situations as if you are a child, it may be connected to that period in your life.  As adults, there is a need to recognize the importance of a rational perspective.

Tip in action

  • Determine if you are responding to situations based on a specific period of life (loss, trauma, etc…) and if so, is it causing issues in your life.
  • Reach out for professional support to address the specifics of your emotional response.
  • Step into your adult self by getting control of your emotions and life.

2 thoughts on “RS Tips: Balance the child within!

  1. When I first got out of college I wondered why I went from job to job. I realized that my answer to anxiety was to run; which was part of how I always dealt with things. I worked with a really great therapist (Sharea) and realized I could try something new. I love these tips..keep them coming. Miss you!


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