RS Tips: Take the time to forgive you!

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Tip: Take the time to forgive you!

One of the best things I have ever done was forgive myself.  I have dated my share of not-so-good people, stayed too long or not long enough, but I too made my share of mistakes. I’ve hurt my share of hearts and just plain wasn’t the best human being to another person.  But when l looked back and realized I could do nothing to turn back the hands of time, I had to remember that I am human and I made mistakes and/or put myself through some awful situations.   But if I didn’t forgive myself, I would have never loved or trusted myself or anyone else again.

Tip in Action

  • Give yourself permission to move on
  • Reality Check! List the good you have done for yourself or others; in most cases the good will outweigh your mistakes.  In the case that it doesn’t, make new decisions to create more positive contributions and still forgive yourself!
  • Let go now!


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