RS Tips: You are your source of validation!

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Tip: You are your source of validation!

I am amazed at how many people need to share each decision they are facing with anyone that will hear their story.  While it is normal to seek some opinions from others, if one relies on others to help make decisions or tell them what they value, their outcomes are at the mercy of other’s opinion.  Remember, you are more than capable of validating yourself, there is no need to go cry it from a mountain top when you are hurt.  Devote your energy into making a decision on what to do next and not getting someone else to see this hurt.

Tip in action:

  • Learn to validate yourself.  Be confident that you can make a decision for yourself.
  • When making a decision, remember to consider the pros and cons.
  • Repeat after me: I am capable of making the right decisions.

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