Release: My Story My Fight

So proud my sister Renite has found the strength to share a part of her story… Each day I am with her I am more and more convinced that every fight has a purpose. May her story bless you as it continues to bless me… LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU my Red Sunshine!


As I sit here today looking over life so much comes to mind. But what struck me the most was how much people complain about any & everything. It made me wonder; do they know how lucky they have it. I was diagnosed 5 year ago with a rare form of cancer, that is recurring in short spans. I’ve had multiple surgeries and different chemotherapy treatments since this process has started and the cancer still returns. Everyday is different. Some days I’m happy, worry free,moving around without a care in the world. Other days I can’t get out the bed. Still I fight for my life everyday!

What I’ve learned during this process:

That I’ve lost and gained friends in this process.

I’ve made choices in my life I can’t take back; some of them include hurting some people. I have learned from each choice and only hope people accept…

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