The Story Behind the Sexually Confident

Sex! A subject that although publicly discussed in the media, still remains taboo in the Black Community.  For Black women, it’s a topic that when discussed, we tread lightly to make sure we appear “proper” in the eyes of those who believe as we do about sex.  Usually, this is in response to what we have been taught from our families, communities, religious background and/or media.   When I entered my 30’s, the subject of sex, sexuality and what I desired came to the forefront and I was forced to examine these areas; honestly.  It was then that I realized how little we as Black women discuss the topic of sex in its entirety, but by definition, we are one of the most sexually active groups.

What I know now?  I know that it was this important stage in my life that gave me clarity and allowed me to trust my decisions.  This brings me to the questionnaire I created; my arrival to a point of clarity may not be what most young Black women experience.

This led me to think what are Black women taught about sex, sexuality and what do we like or desire about sex? Also, what are our beliefs versus what we are actually doing and finally, how can we become honest , sexually confident people?  So what better way to explore the term “Sexually Confident” than a questionnaire that will together help us understand how we see the whole of sex and hopefully allow for a real discussion.

Information about the questionnaires:

  • Information  will remain private and anonymous
  • Both questionnaires are required for accurate data
  •  Each part consists of 10 questions
  • Sample size will be 100-250
  • Results will be discussed in 2015 (December 2016)

Please take the time to answer the questionnaires below honestly.

The Story Behind the Sexually Confident: Part 1

The Story Behind the Sexually Confident: Part 2


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