The Story Behind the Sexually Confident

Sex! A subject that although publicly discussed in the media, still remains taboo in the Black Community.  For Black women, it’s a topic that when discussed, we tread lightly to make sure we appear “proper” in the eyes of those who believe as we do about sex.  Usually, this is in response to what we have been taught from our families, communities, religious background and/or media.   When I entered my 30’s, the subject of sex, sexuality and what I desired came to the forefront and I was forced to examine these areas; honestly.  It was then that I realized how … Continue reading The Story Behind the Sexually Confident

Asking Sunshine: Considering Casual Sex

Asking Sunshine Hey Sunshine, I am about to blow your mind, because I’ve got a bunch of stuff going through my mind at this point.  I hope you can help.  I recently met this dude on Twitter and we’ve been exchanging direct messaging for a few days.  I’m not delusional and won’t claim to know him at all (I only know what he tells me about him).  I know it could be a lie.  Here is my issue, sis, I think I would like to have sex with him.  He sends me photos of himself kind of naked and it … Continue reading Asking Sunshine: Considering Casual Sex