I’m married to my best friend: How life really plays out?

“I’m married to my best friend”

The chill from the wind made this Saturday, October night seem different than any before.  I watched as children dressed in costumes dominated my neighborhood with their hopes for filling bags with treats.  I was wearing a simple pair of dark jeans, stone wash jean jacket (yes I said stone wash) over my favorite yellow, red, black and green tee-shirt.  Far from over dressed, I had two simple plans; go to the Black Star concert and get home safely.  Both plans I achieved without a hitch.  It is what that took place between those two things that changed my life forever.

“The Concert”

On time, I found the perfect free parking space right next to the parking venue.   “This is going to be a good night,” is what I thought to myself.  As I entered the venue the crowded was thick and I immediately decided I had to make my way to the front.  Once I got to the front of the crowd it was still impossible for me to see; I was lost behind all these tall fans with no regard for my height.  This next move was the game changer.  I kindly asked the gentlemen in front of me, would he mind me standing in front of him.  He had no problem with my request.  That same gentleman that allowed me to share his space on the first night we met, is now the man I share my life and last name with.

How life really plays out?

October 2012

In our house, I’m the gospel fan and Ace will usually listen quietly.  However, over the last few years this has changed and he has started to collect a list of favorite gospel artists.  Around the beginning of September, Ace reminded me several times, “The King’s Men Concert is coming to Philly.”  I knew that he was mentioning the concert because one of his favorites (Donnie McClurkin) would be a headliner.

Oh what a show it was; the music filled the atmosphere with the spirit of the Lord.  Marvin Sapp expressed grief from the loss of his wife, who died last year to cancer.  He gave you a chance to capture through his testimony a real and passionate look at faith.  I mean, I am not the biggest fan of Israel Houghton or Kirk Franklin, but I left there knowing that their music is helping change people.  But, as Ace expected, it was Donnie’s anointed voice and soul that made the show.  I challenge you to give his music a chance and I promise if you listen with your heart you will be moved.

Ending the Month…

Not only did we meet in the month of October, but years later we would make it official and start dating exclusively, on October 25th.  Now, after being married, I’m not really sure the rules for celebrating your original anniversary.  So we have decided to make our own rules or at least my Ace decided when he surprised me with the acknowledgement of the day and roses. I’m the forgetful one amongst us, so outside of birthdays I would need to put an alert in my phone to remember dates.  However, with that said, we already planned for the weekend of the 26th to see John Legend in Atlantic City.

John Legend has been one of my favorite artists for years; but for Ace not so much.  He, like others, feels John Legend’s choice of music has stopped him from appealing to a more urban audience.  No, I’m not going to get into my argument too much, but I do believe this is just another closed-minded way of looking at music. Yet, who am I to judge their opinion because I am the same person who hates almost every new artist that “talk sings” while wearing skinny jeans and calls it music.  Guess I’m guilty somewhat of the same thing.  All that said John was amazing.  He performed a lot of his original album, the audience appreciated every moment and to my surprise Ace enjoyed it as well.

I did say the concert was in Atlantic City, right.  Well it just happens a close friend invited us over to a Black Star concert taking place the same night.  As the night drew close I found myself sharing Ace’s space as Black Star played the background to another great night…


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