Introduction to Pieces of Me (Activity)

As I sit here listening to Ledisi’s song “Pieces of Me”; a thought crossed my mind, what are the pieces that make up a person?  The truth is that God only knows the whole of a person.   As a therapist, I have asked people to tell me who they are, who they want to be, or even what makes them up.  This question can be very challenging and upsetting for some who struggle with defining themselves in a world that is mostly defined by their past.

So after some serious thought on how I can help others find the strength to define their own “Pieces”, I am initiating a challenge to myself and my readers over the next few months.  The list will be called the “Pieces of Me.”  What a great way to affirm and learn who you are.  I encourage you to join me by creating your own list.  We will be setting and reaching our goal of listing “100 Pieces of Me” over the next few months.

In order to get started I have divided up the section we will cover in each blog to help guide us along.  Feel free to share your personal thoughts in the comment section or email me for individual help with this challenge…

1-10: The important hats I wear

11-20: What feeds my joy

21-30: What I’ve learned and adjusted over time to fit my joy

31-40: Things that helped build my joy

41-60: How I express who I am

61- 70: The personality traits that make me up

71-80: Tangible factors that have added to me

The first “Pieces of Me: 1-10: The important hats I wear” will be posted on September 5, 2012.; following this Blog.



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