The Stroll

When I can’t write I find a picture or go people watching to help inspire.  Then I force myself to freestyle the feelings into words.  These were last night’s inspirational pictures hope you enjoy; “The Stroll”.


We begin by taking a stroll under a dark sky;

The stars now act as our guiding light.

The wrestling sounds of the waves,

Plays like drums in the background.

Your hand, now finds its way into mine.

The sand tickles between our toes;

Each step more relaxing than the one before.

We stroll.

At each break;

Our eyes connect; we capture this picture in our minds.

The thought of staying on this beach forever,

Now so inviting; this moment feels like a tease to our souls.

We end as the night began to meet the day.

A single rose will be how we remember this stroll.

I think to myself;

“In this position the heart can easily fool the mind.”

As the sun rises on what felt like an endless stroll…..


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