Imperfections of the Soul

Imperfections of the Soul


I’m glad you helped me:

to make a fool of myself

one more time.

Helped me realize

how easy it is

to lose focus

on what matters.


for making me say things.

I thought

I could never say again.

For helping me believe

there has to be “better” out there,

yet you’re not it.

I’m glad you helped me:

to understand

that it’s too late

for apologies,

or simply realize

everything that glitters

definitely isn’t gold.

Thank you

for making me know

I can feel pleasure,

when I thought

I never would again.


For helping me believe:

I’m worth more

than lies

and at the same time

having very little

truth in your words.

I can only hope

I gave you the chance

to be yourself


you were with me.


Helped you to realize:

people can be honest

and want nothing

but the same in return.


Helped you see:

life doesn’t have to be painful.

No matter how much you hide,

you only hide from yourself.


When it comes right down to it

even someone

who knew you were lying,

saw something in you


You probably never

saw in yourself.


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