Perfect Stranger

Perfect Stranger


In the arms of a stranger,

I search for my sanctuary.

I come to you

for the familiar touch of your hands.





The way you command my every move

when we are together

As if you know all about what I need.

Yet you know nothing

about me or my needs.

You are merely a stranger.


Clearly, I am not convinced

of your abilities to understand

without understanding.

Instead, I exhaust myself

in the pleasures

of what you do

and not what you say you do.

You are merely a stranger.

I offer you the secret of knowing,

I may never know

why or how

you know so much about me.

I am forced to wrap myself

in the thoughts and feelings

of others

who claim that time

is how you know someone.

Yet still

in such a short time

you continue to enter my thoughts.


You have become…..

                                    My perfect stranger.


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