Soapbox Wednesday: Everyone Has Them

Everyone has them…

As much as I have found my level of peace; I am human.  There are certain things that no matter what I do, either rub me the wrong way or triggers that “C’mon Son,” thought in my head.  No, I’m not talking about the normal pet peeves; rude people, inconsiderate smokers, bad drivers, or those dreadful movie talkers.  I’m talking about those things that may only have an impact on that very moment, but until it happens again, you totally forget how much that annoys you.  You know, like carrying a large number grocery bags in both hands only to get to the front door and realize that you put your keys in your pocket/purse…Tell me that is not annoying and I’ll show you a liar… Since when I think of pet peeves, I think of anger or something that incites rage; I’ve decided to keep it a little more lighthearted and will present you with my silly annoyances…

So without further ado …

List of some of my Pet Peeves; oh I mean….. Annoyances!!

  • I hate grocery shopping as it is and usually like to keep my trips to no more than an hour.  But what I hate even more, is forgetting something at the store, and remembering when I get home.
  • Even worse is when you have the last of something in the refrigerator (carton of milk, or tub of butter, etc.) and you didn’t buy any, because you thought there was some at home.
  • Now I know I’m not the only one who has done this one, especially if you live alone… go to the bathroom and wonder who was rude enough to leave an empty roll of toilet paper and then you remember it was you.
  • In an effort to organize; I’ve come up with a number of different places to store things.  Problem is, when I’m looking for the items and can’t recall the order I used.  I guess I need an organizer to organize my organizing…lol
  • Getting down to the last of the dish detergent and adding water…Teef; just get a new one from under the sink.
  • Lastly, as a writer I have a hundred notebooks or scrap paper with the start of this or that.  I hate when I find something I wrote years, months or days ago and can’t remember what point I was trying to make….like this list


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