Old Skool Thursday: Black Music Month

This is the last day of Black Music Month…..so in an effort to show the diversity in Black music here is my tops from 5 different genre I listen to the most…remember that today’s music was built on the backs of your ancestors.  Talent that must never be forgotten…Hope you enjoy!!!

1.  Soul. Everyone that knows me knows that Stevie Wonder is my favorite artist so he will always get my number one spot…  with a Michael Jackson dance song to get you moving and a Earth Wind & Fire to keep you moving

2.  Hip Hop was hard to get down to one; I’m going to give few of my favorites….and you know at least one had beef connected to it…gotta love Hip Hop

3.  80s/90s R&B…  well I’m going to cheat a little on this one…My Ace absolutely loves this man and this weekend I popped his “Don’t Be Cruel” album in on my ride to Jersey and I have to say Bobby Brown had it… with a little Luther and Teddy to remember how beautiful the music could be at that time…

4.  Neo Soul.. one of the best things about my move to Philly back in 2001  was there huge influence on music at the time..

5.  Jazz/ Blues…this was another one tough to bring down so here are just few favs


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