E  m  p  t  y

Was all I felt.

I focused on my success.

That’s it.

I needed a better job.

Now I could impress

the best of them with my resume.

But would give it all up

To feel set free.


So I changed my focus to my home

Maybe if I owned my own.

That would help

I just knew it would…

Yet I came home

and I still felt alone



each day seemed so lonely.

All these people around me.

Each one telling me

they know what’s best.

I was being pulled

in so many different ways.

But e  m  p  t  y

had become my nest


The friends, the lovers,

Telling me

that they would always be there. 

Yet nothing

would replace the emptiness.

And it was nothing

I wanted or needed to share.

I had grown exhausted

constantly wondering.

How did I get here?


What was happening?

Wearing a smile

but so out of control.

You could find me

on a date

or the dance floor.


It had gotten so bad

I was drunk before I hit the door

And before long

I couldn’t recognized myself anymore


This role had grown so powerful

I could see myself,

I was losing my soul.

And now here I stood unhappy 

E  m  p  t  y

had become my robe.


I was so guilty and ashamed of myself

I found a million different excuses,

justifying it all in my words.

But it was my heart that was broken.


I admit.

The nights they got so long.

E  m  p  t  y

I tossed and turned.

I was stuck with this reality:

Emptiness is what I called home


I had grown so stubborn in my ways.

God, you worked in the past

What was so different about today that

Prevented me from seeing the solution

That was there?


So I got down on my knees.


By how far

I let myself get from home.

And Lord knows I prayed.

Had no problems

calling on His name.


please cover me.

And trust it was that simple. 

My emptiness has ceased

And just like that…..

my spirit has been set free.

2 thoughts on “Empty

  1. Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! If only people would be honest with themselves and truly admit that they too have let home – What a freedom that would be. The Lord God is using you in mighty ways and touching deep places within one that will reach the community! Keep seeking, keep speaking, keep sowing and the Spirit of the Living God will keep flowing within you into others as they are being set free to be as God filled them with Himself!

    Love you! Ma


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