Picking Up The Pieces

Picking Up The Pieces

I looked in those big brown eyes,

they were just so beautiful!

The hands that you placed over mine

showed me you were a man.

 I believed every word you spoke;

you were really that fine.

Told stories to my friends

about how you made me feel

just by being around.

It may have sound like bragging

but that was never my intent.

I really just couldn’t help myself;

in my heart I just knew

that I would always be your girl.

I looked at your smile.

It was so full,

but it fooled us all.

The kisses we shared

that would last into the evening.

Days we didn’t care if we saw outside.

I must admit.

I believed every touch,

especially your kiss.

Compared you to such things as heaven.

Do you understand that means eternal bliss?

It wasn’t my fault.

Believe me; I tried to stop myself.

To be honest

I don’t regret a moment of what I felt.

In my heart I thought it would all work out.


could never end with us apart.

Yet, I am left…picking up the pieces of this broken heart


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