Chance Encounter

I see you from a far,

I smile.

I adjust my head

to fall into your chest.

A hug so easy and right. 

Being this close,

I am forced

to acknowledge your heartbeat.

This much is true,

I’ve been waiting

for an excuse to be here with you.

Yes, I know

it has been way too long,

for me to recall

so much detail of your touch.

As I slowly remove my head

from your chest.

I look up

to be greeted

by those beautiful

brown eyes.

Not to mention

your scent is heavenly,

just as I remember.

I attempt to keep the conversation brief.

So as not to get lost

in the thoughts

of when

there was a you and me.

For the right words

I find myself fumbling

But this much is true.

I have been waiting for an excuse

To be here.


“How great it was that I ran into you.”  


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