What are you feeding your soul?

Worrying about how things will work out are signs that you’re feeding your soul junk food! Faith is healthy food for your soul. What you decide to feed your soul will determine how spiritually fit you are. Worry increases spiritual fat and weighs you down. It also results in a heart full of blockages caused by hatred and resentment, a mind that is clouded with unrest, bones that become arthritic with fear and insecurity, hands that hurt, feet that wander, and lips that speak bitterness and defeat. When you feed your soul faith, you have a heart that loves and forgives, a mind that is in perfect peace, bones that bears the yoke and burden of Jesus with ease and takes up the cross daily, hands that heal, feet that run and don’t become weary, and walk but don’t faint, and lips that speaks life and victory. So how do you feed your faith? You Stock up, Fuel up, and repeat.

Stock up – Whenever you have an opportunity to add to your faith, do it! Don’t wait until you’re overwhelmed to get serious about regularly maturing your faith. Be committed to spending personal time with God daily. This regimen will provide a stock for you that you can use when life becomes overwhelming. Your time with God can be when you first wake up, while you’re driving, or whenever you have a chunk of time to dedicate to spending with Him. Stocking up also includes being involved in a faith community. Attend service at your church regularly, connect with other members in your faith community, and participate in a bible study or small group as well.

Fuel up – As soon as you feel your faith being depleted, go to God and fuel up immediately! I saw a meme a while ago that said that there are two types of people in the world – those that fill up their gas tanks when it is half full, and those that are on the red line and drive pass the gas station because they know they can go another 10 miles. When it comes to your spiritual wellness, don’t delay fueling up! Don’t allow worry to completely drain you. Stay connected to your source of strength because He is what will enable you to do everything you need to do and more.

Repeat – And lastly, repeat! This seems so simple, but even God says he will use the foolish things to confound the wise. Don’t allow anything to keep you from abandoning the simplicity and effectiveness of repetition.

You have to feed your soul the nutritious benefits of faith by letting go of spiritual junk food and starving worry. And you don’t need a lot of faith in order for it to be effective. Having faith the size of a mustard size will enable you to say to every mountain in your life be removed and be cast into the sea. Feed your soul faith and you will win!


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