Physical Wellness: Healthy Foods

Healthy Foods to Improve you Immune System

You are what you eat, right.  Well if that’s the case, it’s time we take a brief look at complete list of immune boosting and disease preventing foods.  When combined these foods with items from the blog, 5 Ways to Maintain Wellness; they can assistance in supporting your body’s natural immune system and help you to restore your health and wellness.

Following are the suggested foods you can add to your weekly diet as immune supporting, self-loving nourishment.

Mustard Greens Watercress Kale Turnip Greens



Cauliflower Romaine Bell Peppers



Carrots Blueberries Whole Grains Leeks
Cabbage Flax Seeds Garlic Scallions


Brussels Sprouts Arugula


Collard Greens


Squash Mushrooms Asparagus    Pomegranate Juice


Beets Strawberries

Eat Well!



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