14 things I’ve learned in 2014


14. I’ve learned, my husband is a superhero. Enough said.

13.  I’ve learned, I have struggled with being different for many years. Yet, now I know that “different” makes me special.

12. I’ve learned, I have some pretty awesome friends.  Truth is, no matter how hard I tried this year to push them away, they pushed back with love, support and comfort (every prayer, scripture, call, meal, cry, laugh and hug helped and mattered deep in my spirit.  For that alone, I love you all. )

11. I’ve learned that people assume they know your heart by looking at a few photos or posts on social media.  Trust me, you have no idea. It is Facebook,Twitter or some random social media; I only share what I want people to know.

10. I’ve learned, grief is different for each of us. Honestly, I never knew that people wanted from me what they are not willing to give to others. I am human, leave me be for now.

9.  I’ve learned, that my patience is different at this time in my life; please people bear with me. If I don’t have the energy to bear with you, blame it on my space not my heart. Yes, that is exactly what I meant; I once told you I was a works in progress. Deal with it.

8.  I’ve learned prayer is a weapon worth using to get through all things. I pray you use it as well.

7.  I’ve learned, peace will come. Well, at least moments of peace, which may be all you need to make it through each moment of grief. I remind you to take a deep breath. This too will pass.

6.  I’ve learned, my therapist rocks and I appreciate her experience.

5. I’ve learned, that handling other people’s emotions can be a bit heavy, when you have your own to handle. I have always believed the reason I can help is because I did my own work. After this year, I believe it even more. If you help others, please make sure you have taken care of your stuff first.

4.  I’ve learned, God will reveal areas of your life that still need work at the same time showing how far you’ve come. I’m grateful for the growth but even more grateful for the opportunity to keep growing.

3.  I’ve learned, that my clients and colleagues are so awesome. Those who were with me during my loss showed compassion and growth. Your presence, cards, kind words and/or acknowledgement of what I mean to you; it all helped me see God in these dark times. My heart truly thanks you all.

2.  I started with this one. I’ve learned, my husband is my superhero. This man of mine simply handled my heart this year like only God knew I would need. I’m telling you, within months we both loss not one, but two family members each. Faithfully we are standing in God. I will love him for the rest of my life for he is my best friend, lover and partner in this world. I love you Ace!

1.Finally, I’ve learned, losing a sister is hard, but losing your sister who is also your best friend is impossible to explain in words. I will always love and miss her.

 Renite Day-Jackson you are my motivation to continue the fight, to love those who suffer and to help those broken to know God…

I am your friend, sister and legacy

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