Long before natural hair was a trending topic, I walked into a salon full of women getting relaxers, weaves and others styles of the moment.  I took a deep breath, waved goodbye to my uncle, who quietly said the words “it will be fine”, and I was ready.  It was now or never.  I had spent the entire year before wearing braids, twists and growing out the relaxer that had long been my style of choice.

ILoveMyHairI can recall all the negative comments to this day.  In the beginning, it was, “you will never be taken seriously,” or “wait until you graduate and get a job.” As time moved on and I grew along with the length of my hair, it was, “yours are cool, because it doesn’t really look like locs” or “have you ever considered cutting them” and still my favorite to this day, “it’s only a hairstyle.”  For some, that final statement is true; it is just a style.  However, for me, my hair has always been more than a style; it is a commitment to my natural self.  Although I may style it according to my mood and even debate what year I will officially cut it all off, I am still committed. Fifteen years later, my hair has officially become an extension of my spirit.

So trend on my natural hair sisters; it brings my heart joy to see so many sisters embrace their God given texture and wearing it proudly.


“Happy 15th Anniversary to My Beautiful Locs!!!”

“15 years of my Locs”

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