30 Day Happiness Challenge: Day 2


happinesschallenge   Give yourself permission, TO BE HAPPY!


Today is day 2 of my happiness challenge.  I was all ready to get up and do some elaborated activity.  Then I realized; it is usually the very simple thinks that make me happy.  I know it sounds different but when working on happiness, one of the first steps surrounds permission.  Deep down inside to truly be happy, you have to give yourself permission to be happy; especially if it is not your norm.  The same way we do negative self-talk we have to change it to positive; including happiness.  Otherwise, you may end up feeling unhappy even in the presence of things that may make you happy.

Happiness in Action:

  • Tell yourself “I will be Happy.”
  • Decide what makes you happy both big and small.
  • Repeat after me “I give myself permission to be HAPPY!”


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