RS Tips: Nothing should be your sole source of happiness.

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Tip:  Nothing should be your sole source of happiness.

As the month of Love begins, we have to remember our source, God.  With people throwing around the words love or soul mate so easily, I want you to remember one thing, making one person or thing the sole source of your joy will lead to unhappiness.  Why?  Think about it, if that person or thing is removed, then you are left alone and without joy.  I am not saying stop loving or forming soul connections, but remember once you become dependent upon those things as your ONLY source of joy, you will be disappointed.

Tip in Action:

  • Balance your life.  It is important to find value in areas that make you happy (spiritually, personally, professionally and socially).
  • Take a moment to evaluate your roles.  Make a list of things that make you happy; then do them.
  • Enjoy some alone time.  Do something only with and for you (massage, trip, etc).


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